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Grow your own natural space, with the help of an expert.

Go Wander to your heart’s content, knowing your plants are happy. 



Plant Nanny for hire

Never again risk a friendship over a plant-sitting favor gone wrong — returning home to crispy leaves. Skip the frustration and leaf it to the professional. 

Services are based on an hourly rate, $30 per hour.

Feel free to reach out for details!

Tender Love & CAre

Love the aesthetic beauty and calming nature of plants in your home? Hate the frustration that accompanies making them look their best? Fret no more, I have your back with my plant maintenance service.

In need of the greenery for the loving? Don’t worry. Grow & Go does plant pick up and installation too!

Plant Pickup 

Send your plants away on a little holiday, where they'll be given all they need. While you're busy getting out of town, we help make it happen with our pick-up/drop-off plant sitting service.

Potted plants only. 

Garden Consultation

Need help making your garden vision a reality? Have no idea where to start actualizing your indoor urban jungle? Receive comprehensive, personalized advisement on designing, buying and planting your green space. Visits always include complimentary educational materials tailored uniquely to your space.

Green Thumb Workshops

Consultation made accessible, learn with your friends! Sharing is caring, acquire some wholesome gardening knowledge for a discounted group rate.



Kaylan Rosa

  • Plant Sitting, Care, & Consultation

  • Grow & Go founder

  • Certified Master Gardener

  • (928)-592-3548



WHAT THEY’RE sayin’…



the 3 best starter plants

to grow your horticultural skills at home with our care tips.



Common name: Peace Lily

Water: Requires regular watering for evenly moist soil, indicated by slightly drooping leaves

Light:Enjoys bright, indirect light

Feeding: Feed every six weeks from winter on through the end of spring. Planting:Well draining soil helps to avoid any rot caused by frequent watering, plant enjoys new soil annually.

Propagation: Split the plant apart at the rootzone by gently pulling, the two resulting plants can be individually potted.



common name: mother-in-law's tongue, snake plant

water: drought tolerant, likes to dry completely between waterings

light: prefers medium light, although tolerant of a wide array of exposures

food: feed once in spring

planting: plant in a well draining soil. Performs well in small pots, therefore performs well with infrequent repotting. 

propagation: Cut leaf blade into segments, being sure to maintain orginal orientationof growth. The bottom part of the cutting can then be placed in soil. 


Zamioculcas zamiifolia

common name: ZZ Plant

water: drought tolerant, likes to dry completely between waterings

light: Although the plant is tolerant of low light, promote fast growth with bright, indirect light.

food: Enjoys a diluted month feeding April-August.

planting: Best repotted in spring with a well draining soil.

propagation: Can be split apart at the rhizome. Leaf cuttings can also be taken by pulling a leaf from the stem and placing it in soil. Cover the cuttings to increase the humidity.